What does NoteHere Explorer do?
NoteHere Explorer allows you to create, edit, print and share documents online. The documents are always encrypted using your own keys, and they stay encrypted on the Internet all the time. So it gives you the full protection of privacy.
No installation or set up.
There is no software to install. You just need to download it and double click it to run. This tiny program even fits in a floppy disk. It takes no time to download, so you can get it whenever you need to use it.
Use NoteHere Explorer to take notes.

No matter whether you are at work, in a class, in a meeting or on travel, you can always run NoteHere Explorer to take notes, jot down thoughts and fresh ideas or write diaries.

There is no need to copy, update or synchronize. You are always seeing the same central copy no matter which computer you use.

Centralize your information in one safe place.

There are certain types of personal information that you don't want to store online or carry around in your thumb drive without encryption. These include account passwords, credit card numbers, passport information, and so on. However, you don't know when or where you may need the information.

NoteHere Explorer is a safe central place to keep such information. No matter where you go, you can always access your information as long as there is Internet access. Only yourself will be able to access the information.

Easily share documents with people.

SUppose you have a document that need to be proofread or modified by a large group of people. Instead of emailing the document around, which is tedious and time-consuming, you place the master document on your NoteHere account and tell the group to directly work on the document using NoteHere Explorer.

The Open Exclusive feature of NoteHere Explorer will make sure your changes will not be overwritten by each other.

Use a spreadsheet to collect data.
Suppose you want to collect some data from a large group of clients and put the data in an Excel spreadsheet. So you create a central spreadsheet on your NoteHere account and ask the clients to fill in the spreadsheets using NoteHere Explorer.
NoteHere Explorer is not browser-based.

With browser-based programs, your files are NOT encrpyted while they are saved on the Internet. So you should never save private information with those programs.

Browser-based programs are much slower because there are pages to load.

Browser-based programs are harder to use. NoteHere Explorer is a true file management application and a word-processing application.

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