HIPAA Compliance Information
What is HIPAA?
HIPAA refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It imposes standards for the privacy and protection of all electronic health information. HIPAA affects all health-related organizations in the United States, including all health systems, HMOs and health care support services, and so on. One of the general objectives of HIPAA is to protect the health information of individuals against access without proper authorization. The main part of HIPAA is about the secure storage on computer systems and transmission over computer networks of confidential patient data.

HIPAA regulations were released in December 2000 and went into effect in April 2003. All covered entities are required to become compliant with HIPAA by April 211, 2005.

What encryption technology is used in xTy Technology software?
xTy Technology software products support the 256-bit AES Rijndael symmetric key encryption algorithm (FIPS-197) in all data encryption.

When enabled, the encryption strength of our products meets (exceeds) the HIPAA data encryption requirement. However, our products do not force the use of encryption. Therefore, if you use our software for the purpose of HIPAA compliance, you must enforce the policy of using encryption as part of the HIPAA compliance implementation.

What does xTyFTP do with file encryption?

In file uploading, files are encrypted in your computer memory using a key that you supply. The encrypted files are then transmitted to the FTP server. The files stay encrypted while they are stored on the server.

In file downloading, encrypted files are transmitted to your computer memory. The encrypted files are then decrypted if you supply the correct key and saved in your computer.

In this desgin, when encryption is used, files are always in the encrypted state, and nobody will be able to open the files without knowing the key. Therefore, you can use any FTP server on the Internet to store or exchange your files to meet data privacy needs (e.g. HIPAA compliance).

If you use FTP to exchange files over the Internet and you have already got an FTP account, xTyFTP is the choice.

Detailed information about xTyFTP is available at http://www.xtytech.com/xTyFTP.

What can xTyFileCrypter do?

xTyFileCrypter is fully integrated with Windows Explorer and runs on all Windows platforms. There is no program to run. You can use it to easily encrypt files and folders into a single file. You can then email the encrypted file as an attachment.

On the receiving side, an encrypted file is first saved and then decrypted with a double-click. There is no program to run either.

If you normally use email to exchange files, xTyFileCrypter is the choice to implement HIPAA compliance.

Detailed information about xTyFileCrypter is available at http://www.xtytech.com/xTyFileCrypter.

What is FileBuffer?
FileBuffer is a combination of FTP hosting and secure FTP software. The FileBuffer software is a special edition of xTyFTP. It is free with the hosting subscription, but it has the same full functionalities as xtyFTP, such as strong file encryption, scheduling tasks, one-click file transferring.

If you exchange files over the Internet frequently, this is an ideal choice because you don't have to pay both the hosting fee and purchase software. Plus, this is no setup or installation.

Detailed information about FIleBuffer is available at http://www.filebuffer.com.

What is NoteHere Explorer?
NoteHere Explorer bears the same strong encryption as the other products. NoteHere Explorer supports online document editing and sharing.

Detailed information about NoteHere Explorer is available at http://www.filebuffer.com.

Can files encrypted with xTyFTP be decrypted by xTyFilecrypter?
Yes. They are compatible. Files encrypted with one can be decrypted by the other.
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